Triumph Stag Parts Wanted

lower fan shroud.
Sump with the tabs to connect to backplate, or the tabs!

Triumph Stag Used parts Available. T-Bar cover in Tan, Brand new from Aldridge UK
Pair of mk1 front seats. In pieces Frame seems good, cover iffy. Rear seat back frame with foam, no cover. B Post interior trim covers Mk1 Alternator control box and relay. 6 vane water pump cover 16 or so con rods with pistons BW35 auto gearbox, torque converter and rear engine plate. BW35 prop shaft Bonnet (hood) fair condition Door glass both sides quarter light left with glass, good quarter light glass right (frame broken) door glass frames both sides. Mk1 Windscreen glass ??condition Door hinges all 4 Tonnau Cover, black with trim Hardtop glass, All 3 Hardtop trim, various door catches Mk1 +early Mk2 door hardware Mk1 +early Mk2 Front bumper, ok looks fine but not perfect rear bumper ends spotted Rear bumper OK but not perfect 4x over-riders 2 good. wiper switch Mk1 front struts and brake parts, in pieces solid but surface rusty diff crosspiece Front cross-member tag plate, not great seat recline arms seat raise knobs pair of s/s exhaust downpipes for manual, Atype-OD and BW35 Auto Tacho Mk1 for rebuild rear crossmembers Trailing arms rear brake drums rear brake backplates manual engine backplate BW35 auto engine backplate

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