The 1973 Triumph Stag

My latest girlfriend. In early 2016 I found this 73 Stag on Ebay in the local area At the price I took a punt and purchased unseen and was intending to use it for spares, however the bodywork is pretty much rust free so I decided to go with restoring this one. No engine problems.. No engine The only thing wrong with the bodywork is the area around the firewall/transmission tunnel which has been bashed around at some time to fit a 5 speed gearbox apparently, otherwise underneath this car is pretty good, the interior has some usable trim and its all there outside of the engine bay. As I needed an engine and every nut bolt and bracket I found another car that is in a sad condition but with a turning engine, and every nut bolt and bracket, so I have a start.

Available/Wanted parts

I have a few parts left over from the spare Stag which need to go to other deserving Stags. Im not looking for big money here (most of the stuff on e-bay seems high to me) just some way to recouping the cost. Check out my list and contact me should you need anything. There is also a list of a few things I still need, primarily the rear seat base and any metalwork in the pan below it.
I alsi have a few New/NOS parts that may be useful from a friend clearing out his shelves of old dealer stock.

Used parts

New parts

AS Purchased