The 1973 Triumph Stag

In early 2016 I found this 73 Stag on Ebay in the local area. At the price I took a punt and purchased unseen and was intending to use it for spares, however the bodywork was pretty much rust free so I decided to go with restoring it. No engine problems.. No engine, just a block in the boot. Its over 5 years later and I am done. I stuck with the original Mallard Blue paint and tan interior which I am very pleased with. So far I am 3000 miles in, its been reliable and is a blast to drive, that TV8 makes a wonderful noise, why would you fit anything else??

Current Spec Changes 2023

Engine: 9.2 Compression, +20 pistons, -20 Crank IWIS timing chains

Gearbox: Original 4 speed was converted to J type overdrive.

Cooling: Original water pump deleted, mechanical fan deleted. Davis Craig EWP and controller, 85 deg Stat, 3000CFM electric cooling fan, VW header Tank, Tony Hart supergill radiator, TR6 Spoiler.

Electrical: Pertronix ignition and coil, Headlamp relays with H1/H4 headlights, LED tail/stop lamps.

Suspension/Steering: CDD CV driveshafts, Caster increase drag strut bushings, KYB shocks all round.

Click Here for my article on the restoration from the Triumph Stag Club magazine..

October 2020