The 1973 Triumph Stag Rebuild

August 2017:
I stripped and refurbushed the steering column, bearings were fine even the lock washer at the top, but rubber bushes were nowhere to be seen. Getting the inner pipe into the outer with the new rubber bushes was a game, I chamfered the end of the inner a little and that helped. The steering wheel was in pretty good shape, a polish and leather cleaner/feed to the rim was all that was needed.

Oct 2017:
Opened up my spare steering rack, good practice for me as I have never done one before, it was not too difficult to do but unfortunately the rack itself had quite a bit of rust on the nearside end which makes it unrealistic to rebuild. The rest of it is in fine shape so at a minimum it will provide spares to use or sell. I will reassemble it roughly and replace the one on that car with it next week, hopefully that one is fine.

Oct 2017:
Opened up the other rack and it also had problems. It had been leaking and the grease was washed away so the rack housing was rough and worn, Good news is the rack itself is OK so I can build a good one out of the two. Control units are same type with some detail differences, the later torsion bar is thicker (less assistance) and has more return flow so I will use that, The control housing however was better on the early one so thats in! I reassembled the rack, with all new seals, this PTFE seal was easy to install. Whats left now is to reassemble the Control with its very difficult PTFE seals.

Nov 2017:
Searched around and found a few sites that showed PTFE seals being installed in to Auto gearboxes, basically stretch, install and "resize" so I threw them into a cup of boiling water and using a bottle of a cheeky white that had the perfect shape I was easily able to stretch them and get them installed. Once on they were of course too big so I cut up a gallon washer fluid refil bottle (soft enough to not dameage the ptfe and clear enough to see what the seals were up to) and clamped them down with hose clamps, just backing them off a little from fully tightened. After a couple of hours they were the proper size and went into the housing fairly easily.

May 2018:
Before I raise the bodyshell onto the rotisserie the suspension was removed, it was quite a weight and without it I can easily lift the shell. The suspension was all in good shape, most of the bushings were pretty much usable again but I will replace them anyway, some with Poly items. Even the shocks seem to have been replaced recently and are a good quality item so I will probably keep them as spares. The whole lot was media blasted and painted in Black/Silver ready for re-install. Both front stub axled looked a bit tired but the spares from the other car were in great shape so they were used along with one of the front hubs and a front spring as one hub had the wheel studs (badly) welded in place and I'm not sure why, and one spring was quite short. The diff seems to be in great shape, no leaks, noises or backlash so it was cleaned up, oil changed and painted. Better yet I have another one that seems just as good in reserve!