The 1973 Triumph Stag Rebuild

July 2016:
Where to start? Well the instruments looked a bit sad so opened them all up, glass beaded and repainted the interiors and cleaned the faces as best I could. The speedo and Revcounter are fine but the other 4 are not great. 2 of them are not standard, the Mk1 has different types. I got hold of some from a 73 Truimph TR6 and they are the right type, even included an Oil pressure gauge. The faces were OK except the oil pressure which I touched up a bit. Nearer the install time I will consider weather to use led bulbs here.

May 2017:
All of the wiring looms were removed from the bodyshell checked out and wires identified. There was a molten wire in the front left loom, the fog lamp wire for some reason but it had not damaged any others. The whole main loom was unwrapped as just about all of the wires around the engine were damaged, stained and brittle from the heat and oil so these will be replaced, or at least new wire spliced in. The starter solenoid wire from the ignition switch takes a convoluted path via the gearbox plug for the auto transmission inhibit switch, which I don't have, so that was eliminated and wired directly. I also added a 12v wire to the distributor/coil area as I plan to go with electronic ignition, but left the resistive wire in place anyways.. Many of the wires and connectors were bought from Autosparks in the UK including the multi plug connector Riste type pins that I may need. I also plan to include the new electric water pump wiring into the main loom so at this point its really best to leave the re-wrapping of the main loom until I have a firm idea on just where these things will be positioned. The left and right rear looms were generally OK, I just needed to splice in new fuel tank wires and re-terminate the rear lamp wires as they had been modified at some time. I also checked and tested all of the switches and controls and all seemed fine, though I am still looking for a proper A/C type fan switch.

Oct 2017:
I decided on a 90 Amp Bosch alternator from a Saturn, apparently a common replacement for the ACR18 over here. Once installed I had a bit of a problem with the Mk1 bracket as shown in the picture, I needed a MK2 version as it will not swing in tight to the engine. Even with the Mk2 bracket it was still a little tight but this was cured by some light grinding of the alternator body and the timing cover, it should be Ok now.

Feb 2018:
Stripped cleaned and rebuilt the wiper motor and both window motors, all were in good condition so they should be fine. I just need to replace the nylon bearings where they run in the window holder as both were worn.