The 1973 Triumph Stag

In early 2016 I found this 73 Stag on Ebay in the local area, at the price I took a punt and purchased unseen and was intending to use it for spares, however once I got a good look at it the bodywork was pretty much rust free so I decided to go with restoring this one. No engine problems.. No engine The only thing wrong with the bodywork was the area around the firewall/transmission tunnel which had been bashed around and attacked with a sawzall at some time to apparently fit a 5 speed gearbox, and the pan under the rear seat that had been "repaired" with some fibreglass, probably causing more issues than it cured. Otherwise underneath this car was pretty good, the interior seemed to have some usable trim and its all there outside of the engine bay. There was a Stag 4 speed gearbox and the original engine block but little else from the engine bay. As I needed most of an engine and every nut bolt and bracket I found another car that was in a sad condition but with a turning engine, and every nut bolt and bracket, so I had a start.

AS Purchased