The 1973 Triumph Stag Rebuild

August 2016:
Rebuilt the heater A/C unit. I decided that I would loose the old 70s A/C components except for the evaporator in the heater box. That way should I ever decide to go with a Modern A/C system at least that is there. I cleaned and tested the evaporator with a pressure check and vacuum down, it seems fine. I removed the TXV and plugged the hoses, then filled it with nitrogen to prevent any corrosion. The heater core was also tested and seems OK as well. replaced most of the pop rivets with screws to make access easier next time, (which I hope is never!) All flaps were checked and new seals inserted. The A/C thermostat is shot, but I found a replacement that with abit of modification should work, I also found a new TXV. All of the vacuum components seem Ok but its difficult to say at this point. I found out that the A/c Model has a special 3 position fan switch that is not listed anywhere, and I do not have one.. more on that later!

Aug 2017:
I plan to use an electric water pump (A Craig Davis pump was secured as a Christmas pressy!) I used core plugs to seal off the old Water pump. Also got a 16 inch electric fan as I plan to eliminate the mechanical fan, it will be controlled by the Crag Davis unit. I'm not 100% sure how this will go together yet, there is not much info on LHD conversions, many seem to move the alternator but I have A/C compressor so that will not fly. I would like to have the fan as a puller but not sure if theres enough room there until I get the engine in.