The 1973 Triumph Stag Rebuild

May 2016:
The body is in fine shape with the exception od the rear seat pan and the area around the transmission tunnel/firewall where some animal had attacked it with a lump hammer, presumably to fit a different gearbox.. Then they cut the crossmember! The Mk1 yellow car arrived and its a sad sight. Nothing in the way of bodywork left, but I did cut out the area around the transmission tunnel and the gearbox crossmember which will help in those repairs to the Bodywork. Sadly the rear seat pan was almost gone so that repair will be difficult unless I can get some repair panels.

August 2016:
The wooden dash pieces were there, but some were delaminating and the veneer was not great. I decided to have a go at re-veneering and after fixing as much of the delamination as I could with epoxy, and making a center console piece from scratch I reveneered with some Cherry, and after a stain and a few coats of water based varnish I think they will be fine..