Turbo Tel's pictures

Sept 24th 2006 pedal box, subframes and it on its wheels again

Stripped an repainted the subframes, Including the new one at rear and installed the suspension onto them. At this point everything is standard except nylatron bushings, the Spax shocks, drilled and slotted disks and Greenstuff pads. I plan to upgrade later once the engine is sorted. Next time I would not mount the rear swing arms as they block access to the frontmounting pin nut which needs to be loose to align the front mounts up to the body. I would also install the brake and fuel lines first!! luckily I am replacing both so just run them over the subframe this time. Then finally got the car back on its wheels, its looks good Next was the headliner, not an easy job and I'm not happy with the fit around the sunroof, worst thing was getting some of the glue on the bodywork, it left one or two nasty spots, ahh well...

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