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Mar 19th 2006 Suspension stripped

Had to stop bodywork here as I am away for a while and don't want to leave bare metal to rust in my absence. Decided to strip suspension components and had a couple of nasty surprises. One of the front upper arms had worn through the bearing but I think I just got away with it, unfortunately not on one of the rear trailing arms. one of those was right through the bearing and the casting is damaged. Sourcing in America a rebuilt one costs $225, How can they charge that kind of price on something that costs 65 quid in the UK?? I'll just have to suck up the shipping as It will be cheaper in The UK. I am getting really annoyed with the mini thieves on the west coast, They know who they are...

Also cleaned and painted up the (Original)front and (new)rear subframes, they look great now. Jim at BRGparts.com skimmed the drums and found that quite a few of the brake parts are common to the late midgets, do your homework and the brake parts are cheaper e.g rear brake cylinder is $50 at minimania, $18 at brgparts.com. Moss europe use factory part numbers, use them as a cross reference.

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