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15th January 2008. cooling plans.

Another project for this winter is to improve cooling. The electric fan I had last year was a bit pathetic so I found a 10" hi efficency fan from Summit that looks like it will give less resistance to the airflow at speed but moves a lot more air when its operating. With a little persuasion from a hammer it fits nicely into the hole in the wing and I cut the mounting pieces to sink it in a little more so as to clear wheels etc. This will only work properly if the radiator is sealed to the wing and so I have also got hold of a shroud and seal that was fitted to earlier cars and mounted it on the wing. It actually fits quite nicely around the hole the only thing that concerned me was what angle to fix it at. A quick post at turbominis.co.uk and I got a measurement. I did not bother spot welding it on as original I just used 1/4" bolts as the lip was big enough to take them.

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