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27th May 2007 Finally... completed manifold and checked position.

After searching around I finally found Ed at Eyeball engineering in Downingtown.(610-518-1150) Ed had no trouble doing the work on the manifold and many thanks go out to him. Ed's speciality is oddball engineering jobs and he does them well. I Did the final welding and even though I thought it was fine I found a good many pinholes in the joints and spent a happy few hours sorting those out, next time I'll get it TIG welded... Finally I could see the turbo's final position, Perhaps I could have got it a few mm nearer the block (and further from the firewall) by adjusting the angle of the inlets but its fine and I have 5mm or so. A few trips to the hardware store and I managed to get fittings for the oil drain but I'm not fully happy yet I need to find a oil rated elbow to make it better, SAAB may have one.. Then The downpipe, much fun was had getting the angles just so, and just before I fitted the final bend I thought I had better check weather the piece can be inserted, well it can... but only just. It took me 20 mins to jiggle it out and back again I hope I dont have to do that very often!! I am using weld rings which are great for aligning during setup, give something to weld into and also help with the sealing.
I decided to keep the the Turbo outlet pointing up, my original plan to have it pointing down was just not right and getting the pipes to the carb seemed difficult. One side effect is that the actuator cannot be mounted normally so I need to work out a bracket and reverse the operation.

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