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April 13th --- Stalled because of a machine shop.

During this project I have dealt with a few businesses and have been generally impressed with the service given, many have made it onto my "recommended vendors" page there is unfortunately one exception:-

American Automotive of Newport Delaware

They ruined a rare turbo transfer casing then after I asked for a small milling job to be done as compensation they have failed to do the job for 6 weeks now. I am totally stalled because of their idle promises to get the work done "tomorrow". I cannot recommend this machine shop. Not because they ruined my casing, these things happen, but because they dont seem to care about it and absolutely do not seem to have any concept of customer satisfaction or making things right after the check has cleared..

So the project is stalled. I wanted to at least offer the turbo up and maybe even get the engine started but its not to be because of an unreliable vendor.

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