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April 8th Fueling cooling and exhaust.

With the Manifold at the machine shop it was time to catch up on all of the other jobs. Firstly I installed the oil cooler and thermostat, no mean feat as space is getting scarce now! I am using a 90 degree stat and 13 row cooler, the stat is 10 degrees higher than norm because I dont want to overcool but when I do cool I want it to work quickly hence the 13 row cooler. Next I rebuilt the Carb, only problem was the tamper proof screws, I got most of them off but the float spindle defeated me, it looked fine so I left well alone.. Next was to drill an extra mounting hole for the actuator, If I have the outlet pointing down It mounts fine, I will only know if this is going to work once I get the turbo mounted, the problem being piping it back to the carb. all of the turbo feedlines seem Ok but I am a little worried about the oil feed being so close to the actuator arm, perhaps a different fitting is needed here. I also installed the exhaust, The 3" tailpipe is a bit boy racer for me but its about all I could get at a reasonable price in the States. being a DTM I had to move the fuel pump and after hours of deliberation I am pleased with the position now. for fuel return I am using the "T" method, the word is that there is no need to take the fuel back to the tank, a T at the inlet to the pump is fine, I decided to try this but used a filter with 2 inlets instead of an actual "T" piece. Fuel line is 5/16 feed, 3/8 return. this is to ensure that the return line gives no backpressure ensuring the regulator can maintain the 3-4 psi above boost as required.

To complete the work at the rear, a YOUV'E JUST BEEN MINI'D sticker, It aint right without that!!
The Little boy blue sticker was a friends idea, dunno about it, but as he is lending me the welder I have to put it on the website!

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