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Apr 1st 2007 Megajolt install

Assembled the Megajolt, all went well and it was responding with no problems, started on a map and I'll update the picture below as it develops. I decided to mount the EDIS unit under the dash behind the switch panel and the megajolt on the passsenger side, the coil pack is mounted to the transfer casing. I used the trigger wheel off of The Ford Escort, the Mini balancer was turned down to size. The sensor is on an L bracket attached to the radiator lower mount. I think its solid enough, but will have to check for vibration once the engine is running. I have slotted the holes for gap adjustment and made sure the sensor was a little low so that I can use washers to set the height/timing position. The other job was to wire the Megajolt power to the "shock switch" that I have in the boot to remove power from the fuel pump in case of a collision, the reason for this (aside from the obvious safety issue) is that I dont want the fuel pump tripping out without the engine stopping as well. The resulting lean mixture could damage the engine. After I got the oil cooler in I turned the engine over and saw a spark so all looks good so far.

This is my first guess at a map...

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