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Feb 15th 2007 Engine parts have arrived.

After what seemed an age my order from Morspeed arrived, They are specialists in tuned Mini engines and sell a Mega piston that has the dish opened out, I chose 11cc as that should get me to around 9.0 compression ratio with a standard head. I am aiming at that because with the Megajolt I don't need to drop the CR to avoid detonation on boost (and mess up the offboost performance) but with with my TR, where I used 9.4 CR, I found that the 93 octane petrol here was just on the edge and I want a bit of headway there. All the parts are now back from the Machine shop, head has inserts for leadfree fuel and the whole lot was balanced. Initally all I could do was trial fit the crank, check the endfloat and do all of the measurements for idler gear and primary gear clearances, then order the correct thrust washers form UK. Then I hit a problem... I had sent my transfer casing to the machine shop because the idler gear bearing was a bit difficult to get out. I reasoned they would know how to do this without damaging the casing...Wrong!! When I got it back I first noticed that the cover no longer fitted easily, then the alloy around the bearing was melted, I nonetheless installed the bearing and found that the hole was distorted and I could not get the idler into the bearing, In short they had overheated it and scrapped it. I was pissed... That was a Turbo casing... So far they do not seem to be concerned, They need to take responsibility for mistakes that cost me time and money. I wont get another Turbo casing so will have to look for a regular one and use the regular nose bearing. UPDATE-- I got some free machine work out of them for my manifold, I'm happy with that. UPDATE_2 The Bastards just F%%*d me around for months, screw them!!
I also cc'd the head and the pistons, all were well balanced and as the deck clearance is as calculated (I measured it as I assembled the engine) I hit the 9:1 comp ratio smack on.

Note the molten area around the bearing surface

This is the way I removed the bearing on my replacement, Drill 2 small holes from the back and you can just punch it out. Plug the holes with grub screws secured with locktite or epoxy. works a treat! Another reason to login to Turbominis.co.uk, Thanks Turbo Dave!!

Using plastigage to check the running clearances, its perfect..

Nice clean block showing centre main strap, not strictly necessary as this won't be a high rev engine but cheap insurance.

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