Turbo Tel's pictures

Dec 17th 2006 Gearbox stripdown

Got round to the gearbox stripdown, again 2 boxes, the spare metro one looked a bit tired but once I stripped it, it proved another nice surprise. Wasn't bad.. Leyshaft was great, balk rings also and no real signs of wear except on the reverse gear shaft. The turbo one was similar maybe the baulk rings were slightly more worn but the reverse shaft and gear was great, I'll carefully select the best of both. After stripping it I decided to find the notorius "turbo nose bearing" the only difference between a turbo box and a normal one. I thought it was in the main casing so looked and found no differences, then after re-reading the info online I realised that it was mounted in the TRANSFER gear casing, and realised that it was the unimportant looking one right on the front... The one I broke up to get it off as it looked like one of those cheap cage ones, Its over $70 Arahhhh...
Also noticed that in the Turbo box there is some casting fillets that seem to block the oilway to the idler gear bearing, need to fix that...

Glued on ID plate, Gold seal gearbox??, note the gold paint

Removing second gear, tricky but the soft wire helps to stop you "overshooting"

That broken thing sitting on the end of the input gear is the $70 turbo nose bearing

Oilways partially blocked by casting faults, That can't be good

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