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Dec 1st 2006 Engine stripdown

When I bought the car in England I also picked up 2 engines on e-bay. First was a Metro turbo 1275 complete with carb, manifolds and all the bits I would need except for a turbo for around 100 quid The other engine was a standard metro 1275 partially disasembled and for only 36 quid I thought it would be good insurance, turns out it was! The Turbo head was in fine shape and needs no guides or valves, I will just get valve seats installed to make it unleaded. The crank is in great shape, no regrind needed here. The Gearbox once cleaned up seems to be a Gold seal unit and looks in fine fettle, I'll still strip it down and rebuild but no worries there. Unfortunately I found why the engine was sold, number 2 piston had failed, burning the piston and damaging the bore, shame as otherwise it wasn't a bad engine. I thought I could maybe go +40 or perhaps go with piston liners but once I opened up my spare engine I decided to use that. The spare is oviously well worn but will be a great source of spare bits. Most important is that the block has the Turbo type mains and bores were still standard It will need to go to +20 but otherwise it will work fine for my build.

Spare head number 2 (better looking than Kryton even with the rust)

Crankshafts are both fine

Stripped turbo block, going into storage

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